Dave Burch – Realtor In Whistler BC

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog. I really do appreciate it.

Here is a little about me and my real estate background.

I am passionate about real estate and with the Whistler community, I have lived here for over 15 years and have raised my kids here as well. I help out in the Whistler community by volunteering my times as a youth coach, ski instructor, mountain bike rider, and am apart of two cycling communities, the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association and the Whistler Cycling Committee.

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My working style is that of dedication and strong work ethic. I have made over 175 successful deals as a realtor totaling in over $100 million dollars in property sold. I achieved this through building lasting relationships with my clients and by being dedicated to completing their real estate goals no matter what was required to make those goals a reality.

I have been a proud member of the Whistler Real Estate Co. since 2007 and have established myself as one the best real estate agents in our community and was even awarded the Top Realtor under the age of 40, which I am very proud of.

If you would like to contact me please use my contact info below, I will be happy to assist you in you real estate venture.


Dave Burch.

Personal Real Estate Corporation

4308 Main St. Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

(604) 935-7913